Suitable Online Publishing Tools

To complete the ecosystem of the learning field, we are providing publishers with the right tools s and features.

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Publisher's Dashboard

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Upload Books

Upload books and convert them to a digital format. This will create a superb companion for the students

Upload media files

Upload media files to be loaded alongside the book, this will provide a rich learning experience for the students


The platform provide you with a dashboard to better learn about how and to what extent students are using your books


Create Exercices

Using the platform, you can create unlimited interactive exercises such as multiple-choice questions, drag and drop, fill in the blank etc...

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HTML Viewer

Other than the mobile app, Shiftlearn provides teachers and students with a web version of the book that contains the most useful tools and features. Teachers can benefit from this tool to project the content on the wall or access the content directly without the need of having the mobile version.


Sell Books

The most exciting feature of this platform is the ability to sell books access to schools so they can provide their students with interactive books. For more info about the process don't hesitate to contact our sales team or request a demo.