Shiftlearn provides a Single Administration Platform

We at Shiftlearn are trying to eliminate the big hustle of complicated LMSs by providing a simple yet powerful platform and school management tools

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School Dashbaord

Hundreds of usefull features


Search, preview, add books and buy access credits directly from the publishers. Schools can add books at any time which makes the learning more dynamic.

Manage Students

Manage the students list in a very straightforward way. Create classes, transfer and update all in one place.

Reporting Tools

Allow students to report any issues in their life or in the school using the app. They can even report anonymously if they are shy or afraid to do so face to face

Test Bank

Have all the exam questions and tests in one place and accessible by teachers. Test Bank also provides teachers with a tool to create and correct tests online

Events & Calendars

Keep both students and parents informed with the latest news and events. Also, share with the students different calendars and programs


Provide your students with a platform to apply for scholarships. They can also upload their projects and info and thus get noticed by universities in the region

Straight Forward Solutions

You don't have to be a tech guru to manage your school platform

Drag & Drop Apps with ease

Using the Shiftlearn platform allows the school to manage a lot of apps in a very straightforward way, and activate or deactivate tools whenever needed


One box, grades on the fly

Using or innovative box, students can place their exam papers in the box and automatically get their results in no time. It will also sync the results with the cloud


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